Natural Stone Bath Worx design with a degree
of separation to create a beautiful fresh
approach to your bathroom



Timeless free standing stone baths in a
variety of colours, shapes
and sizes.


 Designed in recycled teak and available in various shapes and sizes or fully customised.


 We have beautiful matching stone basins for all our baths in polished concrete, marble and rock.



the natural world of terrazzo cement


The stone used to create our free standing stone baths is quarried and crushed, refined, mixed and then moulded into shape. The whole process is done by hand, using German oxides to achieve the greys and blacks. It takes two days to refine and sand our baths to the desired finish.

Similarly our custom stone basins are hand made and can be polished and honed to a chosen design, creating thick or thin edges or even a natural rock style finish.

Marble and copper are two unique materials we also work with to create our baths and vanities. These can be custom designed, fashioning a space of luxury and decadence.




bringing the indoors out


We have an extensive selection of outdoor baths and accessories available. We specialise in stone, marble, copper baths. The rock used for our free standing stone baths is taken from the mountains and hand carved over 6 weeks to your requirements. It can be finished in a thick edge or a blunt rounded edge. You can choose from a ready carved model or select from our gallery of images and we can have it carved and delivered directly to you.